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Alumni Resources

Looking for access to Cornell University Library resources?

Alumni and Friends of Cornell University can access many of the library’s resources, services, & information from afar — like journal articles, databases, and even special collections.

Plus, check out the resources below just for veterinary practitioners.

PubMed MEDLINE (US Natural Library of Medicine (NLM))

– Free
– 110+ important vet journals, with links to full text from publishers’ web sites (full-text access often requires subscription) and PubMed Central (PMC) repository (full-text access to all PMC articles)
– Plus: Save searches with free MyNCBI account

VetMed Resource (CAB International, U.K.)

– $$ (Moderately expensive)
– Numerous vet journals, including international & some conference proceedings, with links to CABI Full Text database
– Plus: Breaking News; Smart Searches (pre-set searches for topics of interest); Compendium on Animal Health & Production (datasheets, images, drugs database, glossary, food safety modules, & parasite identification)

CONSULTANT (Cornell University; Dr. ME White)

– Free
– Diagnostic support system: Search by Diagnosis or Search by Signs
– Plus: “New & Noteworthy” feature (articles recently added to Consultant); includes links to PubMed MEDLINE & selected websites

Veterinary Information Network (VIN)

– $$$ (Most expensive)
– 150 core veterinary journals, conference proceedings, e-books, online CE, consultants, & discussion boards, with links to full text from publishers’ web sites
– Plus: CE Portal; Password Vault for storing journal passwords; discounted membership for new graduates

International Veterinary Information Network (IVIS)

– Free
– Conference proceedings, e-books, several e-journals, online CE, & drug database
– Includes links to IVIS publications and selected conference proceedings, CE courses, & book chapters

Veterinary Journal Index (VJ Index)

– $ (Least expensive)
– Extensive veterinary journal coverage in CD-ROM format (no direct links)
– Plus: Select from 5 databases: Equine, Small Animal, Food Animal, Zoo, Avian/Exotic; get optional updates every 6 months

Google Scholar

– Free
– Wide range but inconsistent coverage (journal articles, theses, abstracts, conference proceedings, & more)
– Includes links to publishers’ websites, with some full-text access

Cornell University Electronic Resources for Alumni and Friends

– Free
– Access to a limited number of Cornell’s subscription-based databases

Flower-Sprecher Veterinary Library (Cornell University)

– Free
– On-site access to Cornell holdings, with remote access to select databases


– Free
– Good option for hard-to-find or out-of-print sources (many freely available; some restrictions)

Journal Publisher Websites

– $$ (Moderately expensive)
– On-demand “Pay-per-View” (costs vary)

PubMed Central (NIH/NLM Repository)

– Free
– Full-text repository (subset of PubMed records)
– Limited number of vet journals

DOAJ: Directory of Open Access Journals

– Free
– Limited number of vet journals (mostly international)
– Includes links to open access journals

Veterinary Information Network (VIN)

– $ (Least expensive)
– “Ordering Articles” document delivery sources
– Includes links to publishers’ websites

Veterinary Med Libraries in US & Canada

– $ (Least expensive)
– Costs & services vary; contact each library directly

Local College & Public Libraries

– Free
– On-site access to databases & e-journals (often free, but not always)
– May offer free or minimal cost interlibrary loan document delivery

Copyright Clearance Center

– $-$$ (costs vary by supplier)

Open Access & Ad-Supported Journals

– Free
– Journal of Veterinary Medicine
– Banfield Journal
– DVM 360 Magazine
– Clinician’s Brief

Author Communication

– Free
– Contact authors directly to request copies of their work


– Free
– Use free MyNCBI account to re-run saved searches & receive automatic email alerts on updates

Alerts from Publisher & RSS feeds

– Free
– Sign up on publisher websites for email notices of new items

Banfield Veterinary Resources

– Free
– Articles & case studies, with quarterly literature reviews on important topics

Citation management software allows users to save and record citations during the research process. Users can then keep track of and use the saved bibliographic references whenever needed to create bibliographies and reference lists.

The following software options are popular among scholars for their accessibility (all are free) and ease of use.

Check out this detailed, side-by-side comparison to learn more about which software may be the best fit for your needs.


– Free
– Desktop version free; online version free to 300MB, then requires storage upgrade
– Bookmarklet available for immediate citation capture from online sources


– Free
– Desktop version supports “Write & Cite” with Microsoft Word
– Online version supports online syncing across multiple desktop installations; collaboration among researchers; searching Mendeley’s online research catalog; & creation of public profiles

EndNote (Clarivate Analytics)

– $$ (Moderately expensive)
– Supports collaboration among EndNote users; PDF search & retrieval across available sources

Veterinary Information Resources (US National Library of Medicine)

– Extensive list of resources & access to veterinary information