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How to Turn In Senior Seminars

Congrats! You’ve finished! (Almost.) Here’s how to make it official.

Step #1
Assemble the PDF versions of your senior summary, paper, and PowerPoint.

Step #2
Sign and submit the online waiver to include your senior seminar (or not) in eCommons.

You can indicate Yes to give permission for your paper to be visible in eCommons. Or you can indicate No, in which case your paper will not be included in eCommons for a period of two years. (If you wish to extend the embargo, then you must contact the folks at eCommons to request a longer embargo.)

Step #3
Turn in your PDF materials (from Step #1) and the signed paper copy of the eCommons waiver (from Step #2) to Mary Smith.

Step #4

Email your PDF materials to Chris Dunham at

Step #5

Fill out this online form to record your permission status for eCommons.

Hint: The third question in the form says, “If you have been asked to complete this questionnaire so that someone may make a submission to eCommons on your behalf, please provide their complete email address.” For this question, just put Chris Dunham’s email address:


That’s all there is to it! Now celebrate… Because you’re all done. (Really!)